The valued customers in Portugal have always pursued the ultimate in quality requirements, so the pursuit of this high-end 5-watt UV laser can be seen. Due to its outstanding technical advantages and amazing innovative performance, this laser has become a hot topic in the market.

First, a brief introduction to high-power nanosecond UV lasers. Nanosecond ultraviolet laser is a device that uses high-energy laser pulses to process the surface of materials. Its pulse width is usually between a few to tens of nanoseconds. Its working wavelength is usually in the ultraviolet band, with higher photon energy and better beam quality. This kind of laser is widely used in various material processing fields, such as glass, ceramics, metal, etc.

With the advancement of science and technology, laser printing technology has been widely used in the field of food packaging. Laser printing is not only fast and accurate, but also can produce high-quality graphics and text on food packaging, thereby enhancing the product's appeal and market competitiveness.

High-power UV lasers have high beam quality and energy density, which can quickly heat materials and achieve efficient cutting. Its wavelength is short and has high penetrating power. It can act on the surface of the material and heat it quickly, causing cracks inside the material to achieve cutting. In addition, high-power UV lasers also have high processing speed and good cutting accuracy, which can effectively improve production efficiency.


瑞丰恒532nm绿光激光器用在有色玻璃内雕,增添艺术价值 有色玻璃是人们不满足于透明玻璃后,创造出来的新的玻璃类型,在美观和创意方面有了很大的提升,而对于有色玻璃来说,内雕工艺的使用也能够为其增添艺术价值。

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