With Short Pulses And High Repetitive Cutting Frequency, RFH 355nm UV Laser Cuts Wafers

Release time:2021/09/15

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With short pulses and high repetitive cutting frequency, RFH 355nm UV laser cuts wafers

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With the upgrading of demand in the global semiconductor market, semiconductor equipment is also ushering in new opportunities for development. As an important link in the field of semiconductor wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing, the market demand for laser cutting is gradually booming. RFH saw the right opportunity before this and entered the semiconductor laser cutting track.


RFH 10w high-power ultraviolet laser is produced by ultra-short pulse ultraviolet technology through non-contact laser emission. The ultraviolet light emitted by it can cut the wafer with high precision without subsequent auxiliary treatment Reduced to about 0.02mm. Compared with the traditional cutting technology, RFH high-power ultraviolet laser can cut the wafer into the desired shape without adding blades or replacing consumables, and the production method that can be operated only by plugging in and installing is also greatly reduced. Cost of production.

In addition, all laser products of RFH adopt digital control technology, equipped with this high-pixel marking machine for automatic alignment, and clearly scan the parts that need to be cut to ensure the accuracy of production. In terms of cutting speed, the RFH UV laser can run stably for 24 hours. While the cutting speed is fast, there is no burr, and the smooth flying production makes the efficiency higher.


The complex international situation has put forward higher and more urgent requirements for domestic substitution. RFH occupies the market under such high pressure and high standards, and continues to provide strength for the semiconductor market.

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