RFH Green Laser Drilling 2 Micron Holes On Glass, Thickness 0.045mm

Release time:2021/09/15

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RFH green laser drills 2 micron holes on glass, thickness 0.045mm


Thin glass has a very important application in modern society, especially the precision drilling on thin glass has become a very important technology, the traditional drilling method obviously cannot meet the current requirements, so the green laser drilling technology has been obtained There is a huge space for development and promotion.


Under the traditional punching technology, the glass with a thickness of 0.045mm is very easy to break during processing, and it can't meet the 2 micron hole diameter requirement required by customers, and this can be achieved by RFH. RFH green lasers drill holes on the surface of thin glass through nano-scale small light spots, and use ultra-high laser beams to impact, so as to achieve the purpose of production.


And some people may ask, will high-energy impact drilling not damage thin glass? In fact, although the instantaneous impact of the green laser is very large, the thermal effect is almost zero, it will not affect the material, and it will not lose the glass in a large area. It has a very outstanding performance in reducing costs.


In addition, the RFH green laser is equipped with a unique Q-switching system, which can be automatically positioned, and the processing accuracy is about 0.2mm, which fully meets the current thin glass market. Moreover, RFH drilling technology belongs to dust-free production, which will not produce any pollution and hazards in the workshop, and further avoids human body and environmental damage under the automatic production without special supervision.


The application of RFH green laser in the drilling of thin glass has promoted the technical development of machinery, chemical industry and other aspects, making it possible to further deepen the drilling technology of thin glass, helping and broadening the field, allowing more manufacturers to create more The possibility of multihumanity.


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