3W 5W Water Cooled UV Laser For SLA 3D Curing Printing

Release time:2021/09/15

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3W 5W water cooled UV laser source for SLA 3D curing printing

Nanosecond UV Lasers  for SLA 3D printers

As one of the important modern inventions, 3D printing is widely used in visceral models. 3D printing with resin and then colored visceral models can be displayed in science and technology museums and university campuses as a learning tool.


RFH 3W 5W water cooled UV laser source provide a light source for 3D printing and have played an important role in the development of 3D printing. Ultraviolet laser has the advantages of good monochromaticity, directivity, strong coherence and high power density.


The ultraviolet laser has a wavelength of 355nm, which is a cold light source, which can be better absorbed by materials and has minimal damage to materials. The RFH ultraviolet laser irradiates the liquid photosensitive resin with pulsed ultraviolet waves, and then the scanning galvanometer stacks and scans layer by layer from bottom to top in the X-Y plane for final curing and molding, with high molding accuracy (±0.1mm), It has a high degree of simulation reduction.


The precision of RFH ultraviolet laser is controlled within 0.02mm, and the unique positioning system gives 3D printing technology a new experience, allowing more manufacturers to use ultraviolet laser skillfully and simply to realize the design and production of internal organ models, providing medical technology and biological The promotion and development of science and technology provide more assistance.

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