5 watt ultraviolet laser cutting mobile phone screen FPC material

Release time:2021/09/15

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Old customers buy 355nm UV laser again for glass inner engraving and cutting


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When the light beam enters the glass, part of the light will be reflected on the surface, and most of the light will pass through the glass directly. The same is true for ultraviolet rays. When the ultraviolet laser emits ultraviolet laser light to the glass surface, it will be etched, so that the laser can be engraved inside the glass, so as to achieve the desired effect.


RFH 355nm UV laser has been developed for many years and has been loved by many customers. A customer from Malaysia recently purchased two RFH UV lasers for the inner engraving of glass crafts.


In the past, he bought UV lasers for cutting glass crafts and got quite good results. Although a UV laser can perform various processes such as marking, cutting, and internal engraving, Mr. Liang chose to trust RFH UV lasers again in the context of industrial expansion.


RFH UV laser has ultra-high energy density, usually higher energy density will cause glass cracks or even chipping, too low will result in the failure of reasonable internal engraving production, but the energy beam of UV laser is just right. The almost zero thermal effect makes the internal engraving of the RFH UV laser smooth, without breaking the glass or wasting raw materials.


In addition to cost reduction, the internal engraving process of RFH ultraviolet laser can control the minimum error of production at 0.02mm, and the incision is smooth and burr-free, which fully meets Mr. Liang's requirements. In addition, the unique Q-modulation technology can be connected to a variety of computers and programs, and the simple operation makes the control more convenient.


The RFH UV lasers that Mr. Liang purchased successively are all used in glass marking, drilling, engraving, cutting, etc., which have brought great help to the efficiency of his factory, and also gave RFH and customers the opportunity to grow together.

15watt high power uv laser etching,marking white on glass

关键词: 355nm UV laser again for glass inner engraving and cutting