RFH 10W Pulsed Uv Laser Cuts Plastic Without Burning

Release time:2021/09/15

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RFH 10W pulsed uv laser cuts plastic without burning

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RFH 10w pulsed uv laser is RFH's flagship product currently used in plastic cutting technology, which can completely replace traditional plastic cutting methods, and has some great improvements in all aspects. So, what kind of advantages does RFH 10wpulsed uv laser have?


First of all, RFH pulsed uv laser adopts non-contact cutting method, emits extremely small light spots during the cutting process, and allows the plastic to complete the cutting through the movement of the light spots on the plastic. At the same time, the high-quality beam of the pulsed uv laser has a short residence time, so the thermal effect generated is almost zero, there is no risk of burning waste, and the plastic cutting surface is very smooth.

In addition, the cutting frequency of 10wpulsed uv laser is the most suitable cutting frequency on the market at present. It can find the most suitable pace of plastic hardness during the cutting process. Through the simple adjustment of the software and the cooperation of the hardware, the perfect cutting can be completed together.


It is worth mentioning that the RFH pulsed uv laser was developed by a team of more than a dozen people. After more than ten years of innovation, today's pulsed uv laser has multiple options for air cooling and water cooling, and the software is more convenient and comprehensive. , fully meet the needs of manufacturers and market requirements.


RFH's achievements in plastic cutting, on the one hand, have gained more support and prestige in its operation, and on the other hand, it has also made the domestic plastic cutting field grow stronger.

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