RFH 10w UV laser is used to engrave 3D crystal glass without bursting

Release time:2021/09/15

RFH 10w UV laser is used to engrave 3D crystal glass without bursting


3d glass etching with UV laser cold source


The customer purchased a 10-watt ultraviolet laser for internal carving of glass crystal. This innovation applied the cold processing characteristics of ultraviolet laser technology. This processing method not only prevents the internally carved crystal from bursting during the production process, but also gives it an excellent 3D effect, making every work lifelike.


UV laser technology, with its unique cold processing characteristics, has brought revolutionary changes to glass crystal interior engraving. The application of this technology allows crystal-engraved products to not only maintain the original glass transparency in appearance, but also avoid the risk of explosion caused by high-temperature processing.



In addition, the ultraviolet laser technology is extremely precise, allowing the 3D effect of the crystal carving to be perfectly presented. Whether it is from the characterization of details or the overall expressiveness, it has reached unprecedented heights. This lifelike effect makes every interior carving product like a work of art, giving people a strong visual impact and beautiful enjoyment.



In summary, the cold processing characteristics and accuracy of UV laser technology have brought huge improvements to glass crystal interior engraving. As the application of this technology becomes more and more widespread, we have reason to believe that there will be more innovations and surprises waiting for us in the future.

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