Japan purchased an RFH 20-watt UV laser for cutting FPC soft boards

Release time:2021/09/15

Recently, a customer from Japan purchased an RFH 20-watt UV laser for cutting FPC soft boards, soft-hard board, gold fingers and other components. With this laser, customers can achieve high-quality cuts, including contour cutting and grooving.

355nm UV laser for marking, cutting and drilling FPC


In traditional cutting methods, problems such as black edges, burrs, and damage often occur, but with the RFH 20-watt UV laser, these problems have been well solved. In addition, the laser is also equipped with a camera positioning system, which can quickly position and cut without opening a mold and form it in one go, saving customers a lot of time and energy.


The RFH 20-watt UV laser is also very efficient and can complete a large number of cutting tasks in a short time, improving production efficiency for customers. In addition, the laser has a long service life, which can bring more benefits to customers in long-term use.



In short, the RFH 20-watt UV laser is an excellent device that can help customers improve production efficiency, save time and energy, and achieve high-quality cutting. We believe that this equipment will become a valuable assistant for customers in future production.

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