Can UV lasers cut abalone shells?

Release time:2021/09/15

Can UV lasers cut abalone shells?



Recently, a customer asked on RFH tiktok whether it is possible to use UV laser to cut abalone shells. To do this, we showed him videos of similar cases that had been successfully completed before. After watching the video, the customer was very satisfied with our solution.



UV laser is a high-precision, high-energy laser equipment that can be widely used in various material processing fields. Abalone shell is a natural material with high hardness and high wear resistance. Cutting it with UV laser is undoubtedly a very challenging task.



In our case video, a UV laser cuts an abalone shell with precision and speed. No chemical agents or mechanical force are used during the entire process, thus avoiding the risk of possible damage to the shells. At the same time, the non-contact processing method of the ultraviolet laser also effectively avoids damage to the shell surface caused by friction or impact.


After watching the video, the customer highly recognized our solution. He said the performance and quality of the RFH UV laser exceeded his expectations. This consultation and exchange not only gave customers a deeper understanding of UV lasers, but also further consolidated RFH's leading position in the field of laser processing.



In the future, we look forward to continuing to solve various material processing problems for more customers and provide more high-quality and efficient laser processing solutions.

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