Dutch customers choose RFH F9 UV laser for transparent glass marking

Release time:2021/09/15

Dutch customers choose RFH F9 UV laser for transparent glass marking



A customer in the Netherlands recently purchased an RFH F9 UV laser for marking transparent glass. The customer spoke highly of the performance and quality of the RFH laser, believing that it has excellent marking effects and stability, and is also easy to operate and maintain.



The RFH F9 UV laser is a high-performance laser that uses a unique UV band to achieve efficient and accurate marking. Because it uses non-contact marking, it will not cause any damage to the glass surface, and it can also ensure that the marked patterns and text are clear and durable. In addition, the laser also has the characteristics of high precision and high stability, and can meet various high-precision marking needs.


In the process of using the RFH F9 UV laser to mark transparent glass, the customer found that it can not only achieve precise marking, but also be able to flexibly adjust according to different needs. At the same time, the operation and maintenance of the laser are also very simple, which can save a lot of time and labor costs.



In short, the RFH F9 UV laser is an excellent marking equipment, and its performance and quality have been recognized by customers. This customer’s experience also proves its advantages and features in marking transparent glass. I believe that in the future, RFH lasers will continue to bring more surprises and value to customers.

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