UV Laser Strips Paint In Glass Coating

Release time:2021/09/15

uv laser

UV laser strips paint in glass coating

strip paint glass coating

The unique appeal of UV lasers lies in their innovative application in the stripping of glass coatings. As an efficient and high-precision tool, UV lasers show their unlimited potential in the field of art and design with their excellent performance.


Glass coating peeling is a way for artists to stretch their creativity to no end. The UV laser just provides a precise and reliable solution, making this process easier and more efficient.


The 5 watts of power of the UV laser gives designers perfect control. Not only does it remove coatings from glasses quickly and accurately, it also keeps the surface intact and smooth in the process. This allows designers to move more freely in the creative process without being restricted by traditional methods.


The excellent durability of UV lasers brings more possibilities to designers. Whether for mass production or personalized customization, UV lasers can maintain stable performance and will not attenuate due to long-term use. This means that designers can use UV lasers as a routine tool with more confidence, without worrying about accidents or affecting the quality of their works during use.


The advent of ultraviolet lasers has opened a new chapter for artists. It not only makes it easier and faster to peel off the glass coating, but also brings unprecedented creative inspiration to designers. With the help of UV lasers, artists can easily express their imagination and designs on the glass, creating unique works of art.

Led by UV lasers, stripping glass coatings is no longer an ordinary task, but has become a symbol of art and innovation. It not only maximizes the creativity of designers, but also brings them amazing works. Undoubtedly, UV lasers have become powerful assistants for artists to explore endless possibilities.

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