What is the difference between UV laser and fiber laser in marking plastics?

Release time:2021/09/15

What is the difference between UV laser and fiber laser in marking plastics?

microsurface engraving plastic


UV lasers and fiber lasers have different effects when marking plastics. Here are the main differences between them:


1. wavelength:


1.1 UV lasers: usually have shorter wavelengths, such as 355nm. Short wavelength means it has higher energy and can cause "cold working" on the material, that is, without creating too much heat-affected zone.


1.2 Fiber Lasers: Their wavelength is usually in the range 1060-1090nm, this is because they are based on doped rare earth elements (e.g. Yb:YAG).

2. Processing methods:


2.1 UV Lasers: Due to their short wavelength and high energy, UV lasers can achieve very fine and clear markings with minimal thermal impact. This is very beneficial for some plastic materials that are prone to burning or discoloration.

RFH 5W Ultraviolet laser marker engraved barcode on plastic


2.3 Fiber Lasers: Due to their longer wavelengths, fiber lasers generate more heat when marking, which can cause micro-burns or melting of the material. However, they still achieve high marking quality and speed.

3. Application areas:


3.1 UV laser: suitable for microprocessing of heat-sensitive materials (such as some plastics), including micro-engraving and micro-etching.

3.2 Fiber lasers: More suitable for high-volume production applications, such as marking metals and certain plastics.

4. Lifespan and Stability:


4.1 UV Lasers: Due to their short wavelength and high energy, UV lasers may have a shorter lifespan than fiber lasers.

4.2 Fiber lasers: generally have high stability and longer service life.

5. cost:


5.1 UV Lasers: Due to their special technology and material requirements, UV lasers can cost more.

5.2 Fiber lasers: As the technology has matured, the cost of fiber lasers has decreased relatively, making them more economical in many industrial applications.

In summary, the decision to choose between a UV laser or a fiber laser should be based on the required marking quality, production speed, cost and other application requirements. In some applications, UV lasers may be a better choice, especially when marking with high precision and low thermal impact is required; while in other applications, fiber lasers may be more suitable, especially when high speeds and high volumes are required. during production.

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