For circuit board engraving, it is better to use green laser or ultraviolet laser.

Release time:2021/09/15

For circuit board engraving, it is better to use green laser or ultraviolet laser.


In our daily life, circuit boards are an indispensable part. From home appliances to high-tech equipment, circuit boards play a key role in a variety of electronic products. In the circuit board manufacturing process, laser technology plays an important role. So, for circuit board lasers, which one is better, green laser or ultraviolet laser? This article will combine personal life experience and professional analysis to analyze this issue for you.


1.What is a UV laser

UV lasers use laser beams in the ultraviolet wavelength range. In circuit board laser processing, UV lasers can produce high-precision engraving effects with high resolution. Due to the high energy of ultraviolet laser, it can perform in-depth processing of circuit boards and achieve more precise circuit engraving and cutting. Therefore, UV lasers are a good choice for equipment that requires high-precision circuit fabrication.


UV laser disadvantages

Under certain circumstances, UV lasers may pose potential hazards to the health of operators. Due to the high energy of UV light, prolonged exposure to UV light may cause skin inflammation, eye damage and other problems. Therefore, strict protective measures must be taken when operating UV lasers.



2.What is a green laser?

Green lasers use laser beams in the green wavelength range. Compared with UV lasers, green lasers are safer to operate and have less impact on health. Due to the low energy of green laser, its processing depth of circuit boards is relatively shallow, but for some conventional circuit board production, it is enough to meet the requirements.

How to choose a suitable laser engraving wire board

In summary, for circuit board lasers, green lasers and UV lasers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which laser is better depends on the specific application scenarios and needs. If you need high-precision circuit production and the operator can accept the ultraviolet laser band come with the potential hazards then UV lasers are the better choice. However, if your requirements for circuit accuracy are not very high and you are more concerned about operational safety and personnel health, then green lasers will be a better choice.


After understanding the characteristics of green lasers and ultraviolet lasers, we can make reasonable choices based on actual needs. No matter which laser is chosen, comprehensive considerations need to be combined with the actual situation to ensure that the manufactured circuit boards can meet the expected requirements while protecting the health and safety of the operators.

Circuit board engraving sample

Barcodes and serial numbers laser engraving on Printed Circuit Board

Circuit board engraving video


How to choose the right UV or green laser supplier

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