What are the common faults of UV laser printers?

Release time:2021/09/15

What are the common faults of UV laser printers?


I was writing some articles about inkjet printers recently, and someone asked me, "What are the most likely failures of UV laser inkjet printers?" Regarding this issue, I have something to say after working for more than 20 years.


According to the type of laser, laser inkjet printers are divided into carbon dioxide, fiber optic and ultraviolet laser. Although laser inkjet printers have a history of nearly 20 years, UV laser inkjet printers are still a problem in recent years; there are many manufacturers that claim to produce UV laser inkjet printers, but there are very few real brands; most people only It can be easily assembled by purchasing some scattered accessories. Combining the maintenance records of more than 200 UV laser printers provided by our team to more than 50 customers, we concluded that the main failure points of UV laser printers are: UV lasers, laser machine accessories and daily operations.


Today we will explain it to you from these three aspects. You will be satisfied if you think so.


First of all, the ultraviolet laser is the engine of the entire machine and its main weakness.


a. UV lasers are not very mature yet.


The UV laser is the most important part of the UV laser printer; it can be said that its quality determines the quality of the entire machine.


There are currently 3-4 major brands of lasers on the market, which are expensive and have short warranty periods. Carbon dioxide lasers usually have a 2-3 year warranty, but the longest UV laser is only 18 months.


b. Ultraviolet lasers have high maintenance costs.


Imported brand UV lasers generally need to be replaced in about 24 months (based on the customer's production time); the cost is almost half of the price of replacing the laser. Domestic brands of UV lasers can generally be repaired once, but if repeated damage occurs, manufacturers generally recommend direct replacement. Therefore, the overall cost of using UV laser machines is quite high.


Secondly, matching the appropriate accessories of the laser inkjet printer is very important.


a. Accessories that come with the laser are the most common source of errors.


The choice of galvanometer and field lens is very important.


Some competitors choose relatively inferior accessories due to cost reasons; at the same time, due to lack of industry experience and lack of understanding of the characteristics of various brands of accessories, the overall performance of the machine will be poor. Like, all the garnishes, oil, salt and spices are the same; but different chefs can make it taste different.


b. The underlying software is developed as a machine brand trademark.


The software for branded machines is developed by the company’s bottom layer, while the software for assembled machines is open software on the same market. There is basically no problem for some common scenarios, but for high-speed use and scenarios with special requirements for the software, the strength of the brand company is reflected.


Third, skilled operation is the key to using UV laser inkjet printer.


An experienced inkjet printer operator, like an experienced driver driving at high speed, can solve almost all hidden problems and allow the car to arrive smoothly.


Most factories pay little attention to this work, and the operators are constantly changing, which leads to frequent machine failures, and often small problems and failures cannot be eliminated in the bud. We can think about it from another angle. Are you not afraid of high-speed newcomers?


Having said that, we have ended the topic about the fault points of UV laser inkjet printers. Do you understand? We have found the common fault points of UV laser inkjet printers, so the choice of UV laser inkjet printers has its own direction.


My suggestions on how to choose a UV laser inkjet printer are as follows:


a. Choose the brand---more worry-free;


The sign is the railing on the viaduct. You don't have to help, but you will be afraid of walking on the viaduct without railings. To save money overall, you need to decide on a brand of UV inkjet printer.


b. Long-term operation---safer:


The longer the business hours are, the more abundant the business is. The machines are worn out by the production lines of multiple manufacturers and fall into most pitfalls. Therefore, we need to find brand companies with longer service life, which is a requirement.

Which brand is the best laser?

Shenzhen RFH Laser Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007 with headquarters in Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park, branch offices in Wuhan and Suzhou and production base in Huiyang. 

As the leading industrial solid-state laser manufacturer, RFH laser company offer 355nm ultraviolet laser, 532nm green laser and customized laser for a broad range of commercial, industrial, and scientific applications.

The video of RFH laser company

After 13 years of development, RFH now has an industrial laser oriented R&D team made up of top professionals and experts from both home and abroad. Its R&D departments cover engineering, laser and electric. In addition, RFH has obtained 15 national patent certificates and 14 software copyright certificates and is certified as “High Tech Enterprise”, “Shenzhen High Tech Enterprise” and “Software Enterprise” as well as the council member of Guangdong 3D Printing Industry Innovation League and Guangdong Laser Industry Association. 


Orienting to serve laser end users and system integrators, RHF’s products cover from green laser to deep UV laser whose pulse power, average power and pulse repetition rate are applicable in various laser applications, including consumer electronics, electronics circuit, packaging & printing, solar power, lithium battery, semiconductor microelectronics, panel display, jewelry, biomedicine, automobile and aerospace. RFH lasers are widely used in SLA 3D printing, high precision marking & drilling & cutting, laser welding, laser plastic & metal welding, laser medicine, surface removal, wire stripping and laser inner engraving.

Cooperation brand

RFH has a complete product line and rigorous quality control system. Production is performed in dust-free workshop. Rigorous control by QC department in incoming materials, production, product check & acceptance and delivery guarantees the performance and quality of the product. 

Rigorous quality control system 


Work with top brand suppliers of home and abroad to ensure quality of each component

B. Pre-production quality check

Perform quality check on each component and only 100% qualified one can be made into production plan

C. Production in dust-free plant 

Clean production environment, Ensure dust free and pollution free production

D . Rigorous assembling steps

Arranging assembly line -> testing sealing property -> commissioning, each step helps guarantee the product quality 

E.Finished product testing

All the finished lasers must pass the aging test; parameters like power, beam quality, beam circularity and beam-pointing drift must 100% reach the standard

F.Warehouse-in inspection

Follow the “product warehouse-in inspection standard” and only 100% qualified laser can be put into the warehouse


Before delivery, turn on the laser to test again its power, beam circularity and beam-pointing drift and only when those parameters are 100% accurate can the laser be delivered, which guarantees the consistency of laser operation in different conditions

H.After-sales service

Provide 18 months of warranty and 24 hours after-sales respond service. Set up branch offices in Wuhan and Suzhou

RFH products have been sold to Korea, Russia, India, Vietnam, Dubai, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other  countries and regions. 


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