How does RFH UV laser achieve internal engraving in glass?

Release time:2021/09/15

How does RFH UV laser achieve internal engraving in glass?


Application and principle of RFH UV laser in glass interior engraving


In-glass engraving, also known as "3D laser in-glass engraving" or "three-dimensional glass engraving," is a technology that uses lasers to create graphics or designs inside glass or crystal. In recent years, this technology has become popular in industries such as art, souvenir making and high-end trophy production. Among them, UV lasers are ideal for engraving inside glass due to their specific wavelength and high energy output. Below we will discuss in detail how the RFH ultraviolet laser realizes engraving inside the glass.


1. Characteristics of UV laser


The wavelength of the RFH ultraviolet laser is 355nm, which has higher photon energy than lasers with other wavelengths. This makes UV lasers extremely capable of surface processing, enabling extremely high precision and resolution.


2. Basic principles of glass engraving


When a UV laser beam strikes glass, its energy is concentrated in a very small focal point. Under the action of high-energy laser energy, glass will undergo micro-explosion, forming tiny damage points or cavitations. By controlling the position and depth of the laser, precise three-dimensional patterns can be achieved inside the glass.


3. Production process


3.1 Design stage:

First, the required three-dimensional image or design is created or imported using specialized software.

3.2 Laser settings:

Adjust laser parameters such as power, pulse width, and focus depth according to the design.

3.3 Internal engraving production:

The laser moves in a predetermined path and emits laser light, forming damage points inside the glass point by point, and finally completes the entire design.

4. Advantages and Applications


4.1 High precision and high resolution:

UV lasers enable micron-level precision engraving.

4.2 No surface damage:

All engraving is done inside the material, the glass surface remains smooth and will not be scratched or damaged.

4.3 Wide range of applications:

From photos and corporate logos to intricate artistic designs, fine engravings can be achieved inside glass.

UV laser engraving 3D human body model in glass

5w UV laser engraving 3D human body model in glass

5w uv lase details: 

3d glass engraving with 10w uv laser


3d laser crystal engraving with RFH 10W uv laser source

10w laser engraving glass

10w uv laser details:

The application of RFH UV lasers in glass engraving opens a new door to art and technology. Through it, we can create glass art that is both beautiful and long-lasting for a variety of commercial and personal needs. With the further development of technology, we expect that UV laser internal engraving technology will be applied in more fields and bring us more beauty and surprises.


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