How to adjust the light path when the UV laser beam is weak

Release time:2021/09/15

The light output from the UV laser machine is weak: Is it necessary to adjust the light path?


UV laser machines are widely used in various precision processing, medical and scientific research fields. However, users may encounter weak light during use. At this time, everyone usually first thinks about whether it is necessary to adjust the optical path of the laser machine. This article aims to explore this question and provide you with a clear answer.


1. Possible reasons for weak laser output


Before solving the problem, we must first clarify the possible causes of laser weak :


1.1 Laser aging:

Any laser will decay after a long period of operation, which may result in weak laser output.

Contamination or damage to optical components: stains, scratches or damage on the surface of the lens or prism may cause attenuation of the light path.

2.2 Optical path deviation:

Due to vibration, impact or long-term use, the optical path may be slightly shifted.

3.3 Unstable power supply:

Unstable power supply or improper parameter settings may also cause weak laser light output.

Other hardware or software problems: such as laser driver problems, cooling system problems, etc.

2. Is it necessary to adjust the laser path?


Before determining whether the light path needs to be adjusted, it is recommended to first check the other possible causes listed above. If everything else is fine, then light path adjustments are likely necessary. But before making adjustments, you should consider the following:


2.1 Professional knowledge:

Adjusting the light path requires certain skills and experience. If you do not have relevant knowledge, it is recommended to seek professional help to avoid greater damage to the equipment.


2.2 Tools and Environment:

Make sure you have the appropriate tools to make adjustments and ensure the work environment is clean and dust-free to prevent contamination of optical components.


3. Basic steps for optical path adjustment


Turn off the laser and make sure it is in a safe condition.

Inspect all optics and clean them of smudges, fingerprints or dust.

Using a red light indicator or other visible light source, trace the light path to ensure that the beam passes through the center of all optical components and is properly incident on the next component.

Make adjustments step by step, one component at a time, until the entire optical path is correct.



When the light output from the UV laser machine is weak, adjusting the light path is indeed a feasible solution, but before doing so, it is recommended to rule out other possible causes first. Moreover, making light path adjustments requires specific skills and tools, so if you don’t have experience, it’s best to seek professional help. Maintaining daily maintenance and cleaning of the equipment can effectively avoid the problem of weak light output and ensure the stable operation of the laser machine.

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