What are the chances of UV laser marking that the laser output is not strong or becomes weak?

Release time:2021/09/15

What are the chances of UV laser marking that the laser output is not strong or becomes weak?


Laser marking machine, as an essential tool for modern enterprises, has been closely related to the information marking of enterprise products. Many large and well-known companies that we are familiar with are using lasers to print their own information. This method is beneficial to improving product quality, long-lasting, and difficult to erase. However, when using a laser marking machine, there may be reasons such as the laser output is not strong or becomes weak.


1. One of the possible reasons: laser generator problem


The laser generator, referred to as laser, is the core component of the laser marking machine, equivalent to the engine of a car. If the laser is broken or has expired, there will be a problem of weak laser light. I hope everyone will consider this first.


2. Possible reason two: The light focus of the laser marking machine has changed.


The optical path slips, causing the laser to deviate from the positive focus, and the laser will be obviously weak. This is due to the staff performing a positive focus operation, and after adjusting the focus back, lock it.


3. Possible reason 3: The marking lens is not clean and the surface is cloudy.


If the surface of the lens, also called a field lens, is dirty, the light transmission will not be strong, especially if dust rises when metal is being struck, this will happen. You can wipe it with an alcohol swab.


The above is a rough summary of how to judge the weak light output of a laser marking machine.

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