Laser drilling can be used to produce micro-holes in almost any material. Oxford Lasers offers laser drilling systems and services for micro-hole production and R&D.

Oxford Lasers has over 20 years experience in micro-hole drilling for pinholes, nozzles, orifices, vias, photovoltaic cells etc. Very high position and diameter tolerances (less than 1μm (micron)) can be achieved.



We are known for laser drilling highly accurate small holes and have developed a number of proprietary processes to optimize the laser micro hole drilling process. These proprietary micro drilling techniques, coupled with the most appropriate choice of laser for the job, enable us to micro-drill nozzles etc with a very high diameter accuracy and controlled taper for a wide variety of applications.

Our systems and services have been used to manufacture micro-holes in fuel injection components, vertical probe cards, metered dose inhaler products, pinholes and slits for scientific instrumentation, inkjet printer nozzles, detectors, sensors, high resolution circuitry, fuel cells, fibre optic interconnects and medical devices. We have experience of laser micro-drilling micro-holes in metals, ceramics, diamond, silicon and other semiconductors, polymers, glass and sapphire using industrial visible and UV systems.

This experience has been incorporated in our range of micromachining systems. Laser microdrilling systems are available to suit most micro-hole production and R&D requirements.

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